Early Maths

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This set of 12 wall charts can be a wonderful ally in classroom and at home. As well as its educational content, its colourful design makes eye-catching display material that is ideal for decorating walls.
Features includes:
• A texture which is perfect to use with write-on/wipe-off crayons
• A laminated surface which increases durability
• A storage bag to keep charts clean and flat

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All children love to learn to count!
Take advantage of all that our Early Maths charts have to offer:
• Attractive colour and design: they invite children to learn numbers and shapes in an engaging and fun way
• Introduce numbers individually and in illustrated patterns and sets: explain the concept of more, less and the same, and make ordinal numbers easy to understand
• Provide two write-on, wipe-off charts on which the child can practise
• Hang on the wall for children to see every day: allow young minds to recognise the logic and patterns in maths
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