Farm animals

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Series Name: Curious Ken

Curious Ken is off on another fascinating adventure… this time to the farm. Learn about all of the farm animals, their jobs on the farm and the strange noises they make!

This book works with 123READER (sold separately).

Bring the book to life with INTERACTIVE LEARNING!


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This book works with 123READER (sold separately).Bring the book to life with INTERACTIVE LEARNING!Series Name: Curious Ken

This engaging book can be used to:

Introduce young children to life on the farm.
Describe common farm animals and what they eat.
Identify the sounds made by various animals.
Explain why farm animals are kept and what they do.
Recognise the importance of these jobs to humans.
Explain the need for humans to treat animals humanely.

This book allows the child to discover for him or herself the various lessons within as the story is comprehended. Questions can be invited or answered if this will facilitate understanding, or can be used for review at the end.

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