Let’s count – Activity Book

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Series Name: My Early Learning Series

This book is ideal for young children who are learning to count. It provides plenty of opportunities to count, match, write and draw. These skills are all essential to grasping the meaning of early Maths. The reward stickers and progress chart give students the incentive to finish every page and the detachable poster looks great on a child’s bedroom wall or on display in a classroom. The Achievement Certificate will be treasured by children everywhere!


• Progress chart with reward stickers

• Certificate of Achievement

• Detachable poster

Helps develop:

• counting number recognition

• sequencing skills

• matching skills

• early numeracy skills

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Series Name: My Early Learning Series

This book can be used with young children to develop early Maths skills and to:

• recognise sequential counting numbers from 1-10

• recognise sequential numerals for the numbers from 1-10

• count from 1-10 while establishing a one-to-one correspondence

• correctly write the numerals from 1-10 by following the arrows

How to help:

• Count with the child, making sure that he/she recognises the last number in the count as the number of objects.

• Point to each object as it is counted, in order to avoid miscounting.

• Teach the child to move items to one side as they are counted, and not to count in a random manner.

• Teach rhymes to help the child remember the number names e.g. 1…2…buckle your shoe, 3…4…open the door, etc.

• Ask appropriate questions e.g. Can you show me 5 pencils?

• Use the stickers and progress chart to encourage completion of each page.

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