My dad

Series Name: My Lovely Family

Meet Paul’s Dad. Find out where he works and the things he likes to do when he’s with his children. Paul’s dad is very clever. He can play three musical instruments! Read the story and find out which ones. Is your dad as clever as Paul’s?

Includes fun-filled stimulating questions to provoke conversation!

This book works with 123READER (sold separately).

Bring the book to life with INTERACTIVE LEARNING!


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This book works with 123READER (sold separately).Bring the book to life with INTERACTIVE LEARNING!Series Name: My Lovely FamilyThis enjoyable and charmingly illustrated series of books teaches the importance of the family and the special relationships that exist within it. In My Dad we get to know about Paul’s dad, what he does at work and in his spare time. We learn that in the father–child relationship, the dad often passes on skills he has developed in his youth.The story teaches the young child basic sentence construction using vocabulary which is commonplace. Simple questions in the text help engage the child’s mind and can be used to encourage conversation. The illustrations will appeal to young readers and can be employed in devising further questions relevant to the child.
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