Sally learns about hygiene(Paperback)

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Series name: Sensible Sally
It’s party time at Sally’s home as our young friend celebrates her birthday! But all is not well in the morning and Sally feels as though everyone has forgotten about her special day. Feeling sad and lonely, Sally soon perks herself up and makes herself clean and tidy. She wants to surprise her Mum when she gets home, but that is nothing compared to the surprise awaiting Sally!!!

This book works with 123READER (sold separately).

Bring the book to life with INTERACTIVE LEARNING!

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This book works with 123READER (sold separately).

Bring the book to life with INTERACTIVE LEARNING!

Series name: Sensible Sally
This charming book is sure to catch the imagination of young children. The story can be used to:
-Introduce young children to the concept of hygiene.
-Discuss the many aspects of personal hygiene.
-Explain what it means to be grown up and self-sufficient.
-Show that things don’t always happen the way you want them to.
-Teach children that every cloud has its silver lining.

Although the main character of this story is a little girl, the important messages that the book delivers are not gender specific. The story is fun and will be enjoyed by both boys and girls. It is suggested that when reading “Sally Learns About Hygiene”, children are allowed to discover for themselves the various lessons the story contains. Questions can be invited or answered if this will facilitate understanding, or can be used for review at the end. For children old enough to read by themselves, the story may be preferred by girls.

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