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Series Name: My Early Learning Series

This book is full of interesting activities that will help to develop a child’s eye-hand coordination and observational skills. It provides opportunities to follow paths, sequence, order, everyday scenes, and to recognise position. The reward stickers and progress chart give students the incentive to finish every page and the detachable poster looks great on a child’s bedroom wall or on display in a classroom. The Achievement Certificate will be treasured by children everywhere!


• Progress chart with reward stickers

• Certificate of Achievement

• Detachable poster

Helps develop:

• hand-eye coordination

• sequencing skills

• early observational skills

• understanding of prepositions

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Series Name: My Early Learning Series
This book can be used with young children to develop early observational and reading skills and to:·        develop left to right and top to bottom eye tracking·        develop sequencing skills·        recognise items that are the same

·        recognise items that are different

·        develop an understanding of prepositions

How to help:
·        Train children to trace or draw from left to right and from top to bottom.
·        Help them by identifying the starting point. Encourage them to follow the arrows.
·        Practise identifying things that are the same or different in the real world.
·        Practise sequencing by using concrete shapes e.g. square, circle, triangle, etc
·        Practise prepositions by asking the student to do something e.g. Put this pen
·        under the box, or next to the stapler, etc
·        Use the stickers and progress chart to encourage completion of each page.

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